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Rustic heart farmhouse sign

Rustic heart farmhouse sign

Valentine’s day is less than a couple of weeks away. Since it’s officially February, I wanted to share this easy to make rustic heart farmhouse sign idea. You can make your own slat board, or buy one at Walmart or a craft store. I actually found mine at a thrift store! You can also get stencils to make your heart and accents, make your own or even freehand it.

Paint your rustic heart farmhouse sign

You will want to start by painting your board. I painted it with just 1 layer of white paint. You can use regular acrylic paint or chalk paint. The sanding will help make it look rustic either way. I then used a sander to do the edges and the corners and randomly across the top of the board. I love this part!

While it was drying I made my heart. I cut a heart out of cardboard and wrapped it in twine. This is a fairly easy craft to put together and I love how it turned out. I can also use it year-round if I want since I didn’t really use any “Valentine’s” colors. You will want to add tape here and there to hold the twine. This keeps it from slipping since the edges are curved.

Rustic heart farmhouse sign

Make your twine heart

If you want to paint it by hand or add lettering, I recommend that you get some acrylic paint pens. These make it a little easier and they are so versatile. This is what I used to add the silver arrow under the heart on my rustic heart farmhouse sign. I used a stencil and traced it lightly with a pencil. Then filled it in with the silver acrylic paint pen.

Rustic heart farmhouse sign

Put your rustic heart farmhouse sign together

Once you have the board painted and the accents done, you will hot glue the heart on the board. I also went around the edges and added a little extra glue where I could. Be sure to hold it down for about 10 seconds to make sure it dries well.

Rustic heart farmhouse sign

You can add some wire to the top of you want to hang it or a hanger to the back. I just have mine sitting on my piano and I LOVE how it turned how! It’s the perfect addition to my rustic farmhouse style. If you make one, I would love to see how it turns out. Be sure to tag me on social media.

If you are not ready to make it yet, just save one of the pictures to Pinterest. Then you can find it when you are ready.

Rustic heart farmhouse sign

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Tuesday 9th of February 2021

Hey! Very cool article! My wife really loves crafts and I finally decided to do something for her on February 14th! I think she will like my heart, especially since she waited for me to make it for a very long time! She has already hinted to me 100 times that I would do something to her with my own hands. I really liked your idea, it is both simple and also looks cool. Thank you for trying and writing everything, I think I'm not the only one using this idea as a gift! Cool!

Cassandra D

Sunday 7th of February 2021

This is a great idea.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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