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Farmhouse Easter Garland

Farmhouse Easter Garland

Easter is coming up and I LOVE decorating for it. We have already started making decorations and getting our other stuff out and putting it up. I spent part of the day yesterday making this Farmhouse Easter Garland and I am thrilled with how it turned out. It adds so much personality to my entryway and will be something I will use for years to come.

To make your Farmhouse Easter Garland you will need the following:

First, you will lay your chicks and bunnies out on a paper or cardboard and then paint them. I only painted one side and did two coats.

While these were drying, I skewered my foam eggs. I should have used wood shishkabob sticks, but couldn’t find them, so you will see my metal ones in the pictures. These still worked great, I just had to clean them really well. You will want to be really careful about this so that you don’t break the eggs apart. I didn’t have any problems.

Once you get the eggs skewered, you will need to start painting them. I used turquoise chalk paint and did two coats on these as well. This took some time.

While you are waiting for your painted items to dry, you can start stringing your glitter foam carrots on the twine. I cut a piece of twine about 6 feet long. Then you will tie 8 carrots evenly on the line. Leave about 8 inches on each end so you can tie a loop to hang it with.

Once the eggs and the shapes are dry, you can get them strung with the twine as well. Make this string just a little longer than the last one. I used a strong twisty tie and folded one end to keep the string on it. If you want to make sure that the eggs don’t move on the twine once you get them strung, you can add a small dob of hot glue on one end, or super glue. This will keep it in place.

With the eggs strung and the carrots strung, you will now need to do the chicks and bunnies. This string will be a little longer than the egg one. As you can see in the picture, this is the longest one. Before you start stringing them, you will need to glue the tails on the bunnies. Just a dob of hot glue and then push the pom-pom onto the bunny firmly so it secures well.

I actually ended up only using 7 (3 chicks and 4 bunnies). You will want to place a chick in the middle and then work your way out from there. Lay it down on a table and space them evenly. I just did a simple knot on the back of each piece, and I wrapped the twine around the neck.

You will hang all three lines on the same hook, and it looks really amazing! I am so pleased with how it turned out. The colors match well and are very Spring and Easter!

Farmhouse Easter Garland

I also got the DIY Unfinished Wood Bunnies that you can see on the mantle in the pictures below. These add so much personality. I am just going to paint them white. Such a cute addition!

Farmhouse Easter Garland
Farmhouse Easter Garland

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Kari B

Wednesday 18th of March 2020

I love this! Thanks for sharing how to make these.


Wednesday 18th of March 2020

Thank you :)

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