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FROZEN Potty Chart {Free Printable} + Potty Training Tips

FROZEN Potty Chart {Free Printable} + Potty Training Tips

Being a mom of four – you would think that I have had just about every experience that a mom can have for kids up to 11 years old – but truth be told – that every child is different – they learn different, they act different, and they have minds of their own. So no two experiences are the same. I can pull from my experiences to help me, but it is never the say way twice. That being said – I have been working on potty training my 3 1/2 year old since she was 2. She would do great – and then not want to do it anymore and have very bad days, so we stopped and tried again a few months later. We have been doing this many times, and finally, this last time (about two weeks ago) was finally met with SUCCESS! She has been so good about it. I don’t know if it is because of all of the other attempts that she knows and understands now, but after the first couple of days I stopped asking and she started telling me when she had to go potty. Now two weeks into it – I am SO EXCITED with how well she has done. We can even take days trips, shopping trips, and travel and she stays dry and clean. I contribute a lot of the great start to the fun FROZEN potty chart that I made for her because she got SO excited about being able to put a sticker on it (Frozen ones that I found at Dollar Tree) and so it has been a great motivator.

FROZEN Potty Chart {Free Printable} + Potty Training Tips

FROZEN Potty Chart {Free Printable}

So what did we do that worked? Here are some potty training tips that should help get your child potty trained quickly:

  • Talk to your child about what is expected. Put them on the potty and explain to them what comes from where and then show them their underwear and get very excited about it. Help them put them on and then wash their hands after you are done.
  • The first day start off by giving them a cup or sippy of water and then take them to the bathroom every 15 minutes (set a timer on your phone to remind you, it will go by fast) and take them faithfully. They will go potty in the toilet at some point, and then it is a BIG DEAL! Happy dance, clapping, kisses and even a reward if you choose. We do a small treat (like 4-5 skittles or a Kiss) and a sticker on her Frozen Potty Chart.
  • For the Potty Chart – Kenzie gets 1 sticker for pee and 2 stickers for poo – but she hardly asks for treats anymore. I never brought it up after the first couple of days and she just stopped asking – so I figured I would “let it go” so that it would be more for the joy of just being a “big girl” that getting the reward. Put the chart somewhere important and make a big deal of it – showing it to close friends, family and grandparents so they can be encouraging as well. Set a goal with the chart – so when it is full they will get a reward. This will also be great motivation.
  • If when they have an accident, be patient. Don’t tell them it is ok – because ultimately it is not, but let them know that you are not mad, and that they can do it next time. They need to know that you are a little disappointed but that you are still proud of them for trying to hard. If they continue to have accidents over and over they are probably not ready. Put it all away for a few weeks and then try again. All kids train differently and at different ages.

FROZEN Potty Chart {Free Printable} + Potty Training Tips


Download the FROZEN Potty Chart {Free Printable} Here

What potty training tips do you have to add?

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Friday 28th of February 2020

Thank you for this cute free printable chart. Starting potty training this weekend......fingers crossed!! Before I found this chart, I bought those exact Frozen stickers from Dollar Tree- it was meant to be! =)


Saturday 29th of February 2020

You are welcome! Good Luck. That is so funny you found the same stickers.


Wednesday 8th of January 2020

Thank you for the chart!


Thursday 9th of January 2020

You're welcome! I hope it helps :)


Tuesday 13th of February 2018

Thank you for this chart and advice!!

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