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About Greece for kids (homeschooling)

About Greece for kids (homeschooling)

Last week we shared about Demark for Kids with printables and ideas for a week of study. This week we are sharing about Greece for kids. This was a lot of fun to study and I am excited to show you everything we did!

About Greece for kids Printables:

I made a printable for them to fill out as we watched a couple of videos and went over some of the information from the sites above. You can print that out here:

Greek Vase Printable Coloring Page

Sample weekly itinerary for Greece week

I made a plan to do something each school day so M-F that has something to do with the country. This included making food from that country, reading a book or author from that country, learning about landmarks and doing art, doing a craft, and watching a movie (if possible) based in that country or on that country, and having a dessert or treat from there as well.

Here is a sample itinerary from our Greece week:

MONDAY– Watch one or two YouTube videos about Greece
– Do worksheet (free printable here)
– Make Greek Souvlaki for dinner
TUESDAY– Read Magic Tree House ‘Hour of the Olympics’
WEDNESDAY– Learn about Parthenon and paint/color picture
THURSDAYGreek Flag coloring page and paint/color Greek vase
FRIDAY– Make a Laurel Wreath (and finish the book if needed)

About Greece for kids daily list:

To start the Greece for kids week, we watched a few YouTube videos to get a background. And then they did the Greece worksheet that I had made. PRINT THE WORKSHEET HERE You can find the answers on any of the free sites I listed above.

About Greece for kids (homeschooling) - Greek Souvlaki

For the meal, we did a Greek Souvlaki since it is one of the most popular meals there. I cut up chicken and onions and used whole mushrooms and marinated them overnight. (this is the recipe I used). The next day we made kabobs and grilled them with sliced lemon. You will serve the Souvlaki with feta cheese, English cucumber, Kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, and Tzatziki sauce. The flavors are amazing and everything tasted so good. Another thing you can do is get Pita bread and make Gyros with the leftovers or as part of the meal. We will be making this again for fun!

For the book, we read the Magic Tree House ‘Hour of the Olympics’. This is a fun read. You can split it up over two days or just have fun with it all in one. We own it, but you can rent it at most libraries, or buy it on Amazon or Kindle.

About Greece for kids (homeschooling) - The Parthenon Coloring Page

There are a lot of famous landmarks in Greece, but we studied The Parthenon. It is one of the most famous Greece tourist attractions. I printed out a detailed coloring page that the kids did and we talked about it and some of the other places to visit in Greece. (Print it out here)

About Greece for kids (homeschooling) - Greek Vase Coloring Page

I found a printable Greek Vase coloring page, so I printed a couple of them out and the kids decorated them. My son drew a bunch of intricate designs and my daughter used a white crayon and made designs on hers and then used watercolors to paint it. I love how they both turned out.

This day, we also did the Greek Flag coloring page. You can use the one we did with the olives and Zeus, or you can find one of your own. This would be fun to also have the kids make with construction paper.

About Greece for kids (homeschooling) - Laurel Wreath Craft

For our Greek craft, we made a laurel wreath. This was pretty easy and a lot of fun. The kids just used this printable leaf template and cut out the leaves and then the kids colored them. They had so much fun making these. I just took some green paper and folded it in half and we stapled it together.

Save for later

I hope this has helped you in your quest to learn more about Greece for kids and what makes it easier for them. Let me know if you have any questions!

Here is a pin you can save if you aren’t learning about it this week so that you can have it when you need it.

About Greece for Kids (great for homeschooling)

Some of my favorite free sites with information/printables about Greece:

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