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About Denmark for kids (homeschooling)

About Denmark for kids (homeschooling)

With COVID everyone was forced to homeschool or do distance learning last spring. At the beginning of the 20-21 school year, I decided to keep my two youngest home to do distance learning. While the program is great- I didn’t feel like they were doing enough work – so I have been doing a lot of supplemental school work with them. One of the things we were excited about starting was learning about different countries. We made a list of several different countries and picked one to start. Today I am sharing About Denmark for kids, so you can use any of the information and resources I found and printables I made too.

Some of my favorite free sites with information/printables about Denmark:

About Denmark for kids Printables:

I also made a printable for them to fill out as we watched a couple of videos and went over some of the information from the sites above.

Sample weekly itinerary for Denmark week

I made a plan to do something each school day so M-F that has something to do with the country. This included making food from that country, reading a book or author from that country, learning about landmarks and doing art, doing a craft, and watching a movie (if possible) based in that country or on that country, and having a dessert or treat from there as well.

Here is a sample itinerary from our Denmark week:
(get a printable version of this here)

– Do worksheet (free printable here)
– Make Smørrebrød for dinner
TUESDAY– Read Hans Christian Anderson book(s)
– Write our own version of a fairy tale with pictures
WEDNESDAY– Learn about Tivoli Gardens – Draw/Paint Tivoli Gardens
THURSDAY– Science (play coding games—
FRIDAY– Read Magic Tree House Viking Ships at Sunrise Book
– Viking boat craft (here is a fun one)
SATURDAY– Watch “The Prince and Me”
– Have butter cookies and Danishes

About Denmark for kids daily list:

Denmark for Kids printable questions

To start the Denmark for kids week, we watched a few YouTube videos to get a background. And then they did a worksheet that I had previously made, and I have attached that here so you can print it if you want. You can find the answers on any of the free sites I listed above.

Smørrebrød - Denmark for Kids

For the meal, we did Smørrebrød since it is one of the most popular meals there. You can search “Smørrebrød recipes” to get a bunch of ideas. For our Smørrebrød dinner night, we used cooked salmon, roast beef, shrimp, herring, bacon, cucumbers, eggs (sliced), radishes, avocados, lemon, pickles, mushrooms, brioche bread, and rye bread. We used mayo or sandwich spread and put it on the bread and then top it with the meat and then vegetables. There probably are certain combinations to make, but I just let my kids put on whatever they wanted and they all loved it.

For the author, we learned a little about Hans Christian Anderson and read a few of his stories. Then kids spent some time and wrote short fairy tales of their own. This was fun. We actually did this at the park because we played soccer too – which is the most popular sport in Denmark.

Learning about Hans Christian Anderson - Denmark for Kids

For the art day – we studied about Tivoli Gardens and then the kids drew their own versions of it. This was a lot of fun and I loved seeing the different variations.

A lot of computer coding has come from Denmark – and so to introduce my kids to some of that, I found this fun site that actually is based in Denmark and is all about coding and science for kids.

Since the Magic Tree House books are always fun and easy reads – we read the Viking Ships at Sunrise book and made a Viking boat craft. Since Denmark is known as the home of the Vikings, I thought this was a fun integration. You can rent the books at most libraries or buy them online or digitally.

For the movie night – we watched The Prince and Me – which wasn’t as much based in Denmark as I would have liked and there was some questionable content that I had forgotten about – so if you have little kids I would find another movie. We had Danish Butter cookies and Danishes – both of which you can get at Walmart.

Smørrebrød - Denmark for Kids

I hope this has helped you in your quest to learn more about Denmark for kids and what makes it easier for them. Let me know if you have any questions!

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