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Walking the Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco)

Walking the Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco)

On our trip to San Francisco, we really took advantage of our time there and tried to experience as much as possible. There are so many things to do in San Francisco that you have to pick and choose if you have limited time. We made sure that Walking the Golden Gate Bridge was on our list. Afterward, we walked down to Fort Point National Park and walked around the Fort. I highly recommend this. But pay attention to the hours they are open/closed.

Photo credit: Coralie Seright

We rode the MUNI bus to the Golden Gate Visitors Center and then walked from there. This worked out perfectly. If this is your first time visiting, take time to go inside the visitors center, and look at the displays and info that are around. It is so interesting to learn about. There are also restrooms there so be sure to use them as there are none on the bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in California and you don’t have to pay a fee to visit. It is completely free! There are many places included in this area including Fort Point, Alcatraz, and Muir Woods. You will have to pay a fee for Alcatraz and Muir Woods, but Fort Point is also free. You can learn more about this area here.

Walking the Golden Gate Bridge

Regardless of the weather, I would highly recommend a jacket and maybe a coat. It is very windy and chilly on the bridge. I also recommend pulling your hair back (I did a bun with a clip) so it wasn’t whipping around my face the whole time. We only walked about halfway across and then walked backed because it was really cold and windy. Even from that point, we saw great views and got fun pictures. We had also already done a bay cruise (thanks to the San Francisco CityPASS C3) so we had some amazing pictures of the bridge and city from that as well.

The Golden Gate Bridge is so fun to walk across. Not just because of the amazing views, but because of the 746-foot towers and cables! I enjoyed looking at them as much as the views around me. Be sure to get some pictures with them while you are there.

You will walk on the right (bayside) of the bridge as the left side is reserved just for bicycles. You will also have bicycles on the right walkway on the bridge, but they are supposed to stay on the left side, and walkers are supposed to stay on the right.

Best Places to take pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge

There are a lot of places on the visitor center side of the bridge (San Francisco side) with amazing views of the bridge. So if you can’t make it all the way across, don’t sweat it. A couple of viewpoints from by the visitors center, a couple on the way down to Fort Point. There are several places down on that trail to take pictures, as well as on Torpedo Wharf.

I hope you are able to make it to the area while you are in San Francisco, and if you have time be sure to take advantage of walking the Golden Gate Bridge. It is so fun and such a unique experience. There are several great places to take photos on the Sausalito side of the bridge as well. Hike up to Battery Spencer or Ridge Battery. You can also walk down to Lime Point Historic Lighthouse. The Golden Gate Bridge View Vista Point is another great spot.

There are buses that run across the bridge if you want to ride across and walk back. Just make sure to give yourself enough daylight to explore everything.

Have you been there before? I would love to know if you have any tips to add.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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