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Nightmare on 13th Haunted House in Utah

Nightmare on 13th Haunted House in Utah

When Clint and I were dating (yes – this was 20+ years ago), we went to Nightmare on the 13th in Salt Lake City, Utah with a group of friends. It was a fun but terrifying experience. My daughter turned 18 last week and wanted to go through a haunted house to celebrate. I am kind of a big chicken – so I wasn’t sure about it – but we all had an AMAZING time! It was so much fun. Nightmare on 13th is a great place for a date night, or for friends to go together or even for families!

Nightmare Courtyard

You will love the courtyard. We spent a lot of time walking around and looking at everything, and soaking it all in before we went in to conquer to the haunted house. There are a couple of jumpscares there as well as animatronic creatures, and even some living ones. You can see the videos of us in the courtyard below.

Nightmare Haunted House

Once we were truly hyped up because of the amazing courtyard area, we headed inside. You can get a FastPass to avoid the long line inside (I highly recommend this). Either way, you will have fun. Inside Nightmare on 13th this year you will find Nightmare Haunted House with 13 themed nightmares. This was incredible. So many different rooms, and so many different scares. You can get a taste of a few of them below in the two videos – and our reaction afterward.

Nightmare on 13th Institute of Terror

We were also able to go through the Insitute of Terror. This is an all-new attraction inside Nightmare on 13th. It is a hospital for mental patients, that are now roaming free. The storm has knocked the power out and you get to make your way through the asylum’s dark corridors while they roam about.

Nightmare on 13th Day Haunt

I know that all of this isn’t for everyone – especially those with small kids. So Nightmare on 13th added the Day Haunt! You get to experience the Nightmare on 13th main attraction in full show lighting without the jumps or scares. Just the fun! All the incredible scenery and props lit up without things scaring you.

This is great for kids, families, and the Hallowen loving scaredy cats. Due to the nature of being a haunted house, the scenery, props, and lower levels of lighting may still be scary, unsettling, or unpleasant for some. Included with each ticket is a branded Nightmare on 13th Trick-or-Treat bag from the gift shop.

With so many different options to enjoy Nightmare on 13th – you won’t want to wait. Oh and you also get pictures taken when you first go in – and you can download them for free on their website – or pay a small fee at the end to have them printed and framed. Such a fun keepsake to have for a super fun night.

Overall, we had an amazing time and I am glad that we got to go with my daughter and celebrate her birthday in a fun way. So grab a date and head down there. You can order your tickets online and get a discount as well! Just go here

Nightmare on 13th Haunted House in Utah

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