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Halloween Countdown Calendar (31 days of fun)

Halloween Countdown Calendar (31 days of fun)

If you looking for an easy way to do something fun with your family every day leading up to Halloween – we have the perfect solution! This Halloween Countdown Calendar starts on October 1 and gives you something simple and fun to do with your family each day through October 31. Hopefully, you can use things you have on hand or visit your local thrift store, library, and other places to get what you need!

Click here to download the Halloween countdown calendar and get started having fun!

Halloween Countdown Calendar

  1. Put up Halloween decorations
  2. Make a Halloween craft
  3. Go apple picking (or visit an orchard and buy apples)
  4. Make apple cider and drink it while reading a Halloween story
  5. Put together Halloween costumes
  6. Make caramel apples and enjoy them while watching Ichabod Crane
  7. Get your favorite Halloween treats and watch a scary movie
  8. Have a game night (maybe an escape room?)
  9. Collect fall leaves and do leaf rubbings
  10. Visit a pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins
  11. Make apple pie and eat it
  12. Go for a hike and look at the fall colors
  13. Color Halloween coloring pages
  14. Go to a corn maze
  15. Make Pumpkin pie and eat it
  16. Do a Halloween hidden picture
  17. Drink hot chocolate and read a Halloween book
  18. Have a Halloween-themed dinner
  19. Paint Halloween rocks
  20. Make pumpkin bread and eat it
  21. Have a Halloween movie marathon
  22. Send Halloween-themed lunches
  23. Make Halloween popcorn (or caramel popcorn)
  24. Make and/or wear Halloween shirts
  25. Make handprint bats
  26. Have a Halloween-themed breakfast
  27. Carve pumpkins
  28. Roast pumpkin seeds
  29. Visit a haunted house
  30. Decorate bags or buckets for trick or treating
  31. Go Trick-or-Treating


Halloween Countdown Calendar (31 days of fun)

My family is really excited about this Halloween countdown calendar! It is going to be so fun to set aside time each day to do something together to celebrate Halloween and Fall. If there is an activity that is too much for that day, or you need to switch with another one – I encourage you to customize it as much as possible. Just be sure to cross off the ones you have done so you can keep track of what you have left to do.

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Halloween Countdown Calendar (31 days of fun)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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