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Monster Jam 2022

Monster Jam 2022

I received tickets to Monster Jam 2022 in Salt Lake City, Utah. All opinions are my own.

For years I have been taking my family to Monster Jam. It is by far one of the most fun things we do all year and this year was no exception. Besides all of the fun crazy loud trucks, we were able to watch a motorcycle stunt show, and see one of the monster trucks (Earth Shaker) do a flip! There is so much to love about going to a Monster Jam show – I couldn’t even begin to tell you everything on my list.

At the show we went to, Earth Shaker, Grave Digger, and Scooby-Doo were on fire. It was a lot of fun to watch all the trucks. We got to see:

  • Grave Digger driven by Brandon Vinson
  • Earth Shaker driven by Tristan England
  • Scooby-Doo driven by Myranda Cozad
  • Jurrasic Attack driven by Dave Olfert
  • Megalodon driven by Bernard Lyght
  • Jailbird driven by Kaylyn Migues
  • Rockwell Red driven by Travis Mowery
  • Nitro Menace driven by Brad Allen

For the first time, we got to see the amazing FMX riders perform. Their tricks gave me a heart attack lol – so crazy but exciting to watch. The riders at our show were:

  • Adam Jones
  • Dean Pate
  • Calvin Cheatham
  • Alan Dixon

They all four did an incredible job and I hope to see the FMX back at the SLC show next time it comes!

About Monster Jam 2022

Motorsports fans will witness heated rivalries, high-flying stunts, and fierce head-to-head battles for the Event Championship.  Engineered to perfection, the 12,000-pound Monster Jam trucks push all limits going head-to-head for points in Freestyle, Skills, Donuts, and Racing competitions.  The Arena Series West Champion will receive a highly coveted automatic bid to the prestigious Monster Jam World Finals® to compete for the title of World Champion, scheduled for May 2022 in Orlando.

Monster Jam drivers are trained, world-class male and female athletes who have mastered not only the physical strength and mental stamina needed to compete but the vital dexterity to control 12,000-pound machines capable of doing backflips, vertical two-wheel skills, and racing at speeds up to 70 miles-per-hour to produce jaw-dropping, live motorsports action seen around the world. 


The Arena Championship Series West features eight skilled athletes fighting for the championship while putting on a spectacle, constantly innovating and always entertaining.  Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, the legendary black and green wrecking machine Grave Digger® will be competing (driver TBA).  Reigning Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Champion Linsey Read in Scooby-Doo™ looks to lock in the championship.  Monster Jam Arena Two-Wheel Skills winner Tristan England returns behind the wheel of the wheel in Earth Shaker®, while Armando Castro grabs the bull by the horns in El Toro Loco®

Monster Jam 2022

Don’t forget

For these events, make sure that you bring noise-canceling headphones (like these) because it gets REALLY loud and will make your ears hurt. You can also take in empty water bottles and fill them with water so that you can have a drink. Make sure that you get your COVID test done and bring it with you (has to test negative within 48-hours) or your proof of complete COVID vaccination.

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Have you ever been to a show before? What is your favorite part?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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