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Money Saving Habits

Money Saving Habits

Saving money is something everyone wants to do, but a lot of people feel like they can’t find it in their budget. In some circumstances this is true, but in most cases, you will be able to evaluate your spending habits and turn them into money saving habits instead.

Money Saving Habits
Here is a list of Money Saving Habits everyone should have:
      1. Get rid of Cable or Satellite TV
      2. Get rid of your home phone if you have cell phones
      3. Use Cash to pay for everything
      4. Put at least 10% into savings every paycheck (and leave it there)
      5. Carpool, ride a bike, or get a bus pass
      6. Cook at home (make a meal plan, create a shopping list from that plan, then go shopping)
      7. Do your budget weekly
      8. Pay your bills on time
      9. If you use a credit card, pay it off every month
      10. Avoid having more than 1 payment (besides a house) at a time. (like cars, trailers, ATV’s, bikes, etc).
      11. Only go to the store once a week. Make a list to take with you and stick to it.
      12. Eat before you go grocery shopping
      13. Use coupons when you can (on items that are ALREADY on sale)
      14. Evaluate your cell phone usage and cut down on your plan (or go to a cheap unlimited plan like T-Mobile)
      15. Do your own Mani/Pedi’s at home
      16. Drink tap water (if it is from a good source)
      17. Grow your own fruits and veggies
      18. Do your own yard and house work
      19. Check to see if you are getting charged fees at your bank, and switch to free checking (or go to a Credit Union).
      20. Keep track of what you spend
      21. Take leftovers with you to work instead of eating out
      22. Sell unused items around your house
      23. Evaluate your car insurance and get quotes from different companies
      24. Have a “Holiday” savings fund you put into every month for Birthdays and Christmas
      25. Shop clearance, sales, and consignment stores for clothes and many other items

Money Saving Habits

Money Saving Habits

Money Saving Habits

Money Saving Habits

If you have any Money Saving Habits you would like to share I would love to add them to the list.

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Thursday 10th of December 2020

I do not have cable. There are great movies on You Tube. Call up the type of movie you enjoy... Thriller Family Comedy etc.. Doesn't cost anything at all


Friday 30th of June 2017

I pass my kids clothes down to the next in line. The jeans are usually messed up at the knees so as soon as summer begins they get cut off and we have shorts for at least around the house.


Friday 30th of June 2017

We do that as well. This saves a lot of money on having to buy summer shorts! Thanks for the tip.

Millionaire Biz Pro System

Wednesday 16th of March 2016

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about 3 effective ways to make money online. Regards

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Tuesday 20th of January 2015

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Saturday 17th of January 2015

If you dont want to go as drastic as cutting cable. Try phoning cable company to negotiate a lower price. On top of my bundled discount for having phone, internet, and cable all together, they deducted $85 a month for next 6 months just because I asked nicely!


Tuesday 9th of February 2016

This is a great tip! We have done that several times. They are always willing to give us a deal.

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