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Listening is the power to understand #ProjectListen

Listening is the power to understand #ProjectListen

Listening is something that I feel like I have always been good at – but I have really had to fine tune those skills as a parent. Listening is such a key part of anyone – it can change everything. I love this quote by Ken Garff – “Listening is the power to understand, to feel, and to relate. And whether you listen with your ears, your eyes, or your heart, the result of sincere listening is the same–connection.” It just really sums it up perfectly and explains in simple terms how important listening is.


My oldest daughter has had “friend” problems at school. She is going through those hard tween years, and finds that most people are fickle and opinionated and it can be heartbreaking. I love to talk with her and listen to her so that I can help her through her problems and she can learn and grow. Having that kind of relationship is important. When you can find businesses that will give you that same attention – then you want to continue supporting them and going back to them for what you need. Ken Garff in Utah is one of those amazing companies that listens to you – helps you – and leaves you feeling better than when you met.

They said “Listening isn’t just about creating a better customer experience. It’s more significant than establishing a better company or brand. And it’s far greater than just hearing. Listening is the power to understand, to feel, and to relate. By now you’ve probably heard our message: We Hear You. For us, it’s about far more than cars. We believe in the power of listening to change lives. Whether the story is about saving a child’s life, a strategy to ride a snowboard faster, engineering sound to transfer emotion, or listening in a different way than most, the message is the same.”

Check out this video about how a Snowboarder learns how to listen to become better:


Listening is conviction. If you listen you can convince anyone of anything – you can let them know you hear them and understand what they need and want. Visit and experience the power of listening to transform the world around us and, most importantly, the people around us. I love that Ken Garff is taking the time to share this message with people – something that will truly benefit people and make a difference!

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Monday 6th of April 2015

"It’s far greater than just hearing." I need to remember that with my girls. They are still so little and talk constantly that it's hard to give them my full attention sometimes.


Monday 6th of April 2015

What a great quote. I completely agree with you!


Saturday 4th of April 2015

That sounds like an interesting cause. I will have to check it out. thanks


Saturday 4th of April 2015

Many people say they hear others. But hearing isn't the same as listening. You're right, listening is a very important skill, that sadly many people don't bother to use.


Friday 3rd of April 2015

Listening is definitely different than hearing. I feel I am a good listener. I do not do very well around those who talk constantly and rarely let you speak, I feel like I understand people in their quiet solitude more than when they are constantly speaking, but with that said, listening is paying attention to more tha what is said. There is body language and what is not said that can be the most important message.

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