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Bahia Resort Hotel Review {Perfect Place for Families}

Bahia Resort Hotel Review {Perfect Place for Families}

Our family of six took a two week road trip from Utah to Southern California and back again. We want to share our journey with you and what we learned. To read about all of the adventures we had on our California Spring Break trip, click here.

Bahia Resort Hotel

We started our vacation our in San Diego. We stayed at the Bahia Resort Hotel. From the Highway, it was very easy to find, and it was in a great location. The Resort is located on a peninsula, so there is water all around it and I loved being able to go onto the beach from either side of the Hotel. There are several large buildings around the edges, and the middle has tennis courts, the swimming pool, shuffle board, and more. There is even a beautiful and secluded walkway with a Gazebo. Up by the office, there is also a beautiful area with a SEAL named Gracie. She is so cute and it was fun to watch her.

Bahia Resort Hotel - Gracie the Seal

Bahia Resort Hotel – Gracie the Seal

Driving onto the property I was completely awed by how beautiful everything was. The native plants and trees are setup in a stunning landscape, surrounding the resort, creating the perfect tropical oasis. The office is beautiful and clean and open. I was immediately greeted by a very friendly desk clerk and within minutes we had our room key and we were also given tickets to ride on the Bahia Belle.  We were given a small map that showed up where our room was, and we went back to our car.

Finding our room was easy since they had signs that marked which direction to go for the room numbers. We were in a Bay Side Suite so our room front was right by the Tennis Courts and the back went out the beach and the Bay. Parking is unassigned, but we were able to find a spot close to our room each time and we arrived later in the evening on both nights.

Bahia Resort Hotel - Kitchen/Living Room in Bayside Suite

Bahia Resort Hotel – Kitchen/Living Room in Bayside Suite

Upon entering the room I was impressed with how spacious and clean each room was. There was a kitchen area with mini fridge, microwave, sink, counter (bar) with stools, and lots of cupboard/drawer space with dishes and silverware. The floors were all very nice, clean, and unstained. The finish wordk (like the grout, corners and ceilings) were all professionally done and overall the suite was beautifully decorated and sparkling clean. I even loved the little details like the shell fan on the toilet paper.

Bahia Resort Hotel - Bathroom in Bayside Suite

Bahia Resort Hotel – Bathroom in Bayside Suite

The suite had a bedroom with two large beds that were so comfortable. I loved the down comforters on them and all of the pillows. (I love pillows).  Again, the beds were very clean, the sheets were spotless and white as well as the other bedding. There was lots of space in the drawers. There was also a nice padded bench in the room.

Here is video to show you just how amazing the room is:

In the living room, there was a nice big couch and a love seat as well a nice coffee table. The large couch turned into a bed (this is where my husband and I slept, although we should have put the older girls out on the couch bed and slept in the other room with the younger kids). We just wanted to stay up a little later and watch TV and didn’t want to keep them awake.

Bahia Resort Hotel - Bedroom in Bayside Suite

Bahia Resort Hotel – Bedroom in Bayside Suite

I loved walking out our back door and a having a short walk down to the beach. There were large fire pits that we didn’t get a chance to use, but it would have been fun. Just outside of our room was a beautiful patio with a table and chairs, and more of the stunning landscaping.

I loved being in the room and not hearing anything from the “outside”. We didn’t hear the other people out on the beach, or the cars, other people staying in the Hotel, or other annoying sounds.  This was especially nice when getting the kids to sleep.


They have a restaurant onsite that has great food. They also offer room service.  We opted to use our kitchen and cook a small dinner for the kids when we got back from SeaWorld since we wanted to use our Bahia Bell tickets and we only had about 30 minutes. As soon as we were done eating, we walked over to the pier to take a ride on the Bahia Belle. We were a little early, so we let the kids play on the beach while we waited for it to come. They had three times specifically for families and we went on the 8:30 ride. It was just under an hour to ride across the harbor and then back to the Bahia. The crew was helpful and friendly. We went straight to the top and sat there in the “open sea air” for a while until my kids got chilled then we went back to the bottom where were able to open the windows and see all of the beautiful scenery without getting to cold.


Overall our stay there was perfect in every way. Our room was amazing, the staff was friendly and helpful, and there was so much there to do. I recommend the Bahia Resort for those staying in the San Diego area. The prices are great, and it is the perfect place for families.

You can check them out at:

We received a complementary stay in exchange for this review. This did not affect my opinions, they are 100% my own. 

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Friday 9th of May 2014

Oh my....It looks like I need to take a trip to the West coast again. This resort looks like my idea of paradise. Thank you so much for sharing. Pinning to my travel pin board.


Friday 9th of May 2014

What a beautiful resort! I love when the hotel has nice staff. That is most important to me.

Beeb Ashcroft

Thursday 8th of May 2014

I LOVE San Diego - what a gorgeous place to stay! Looks very cozy.


Thursday 8th of May 2014

That property looks so beautiful and relaxing! I'm glad you enjoyed your stay.

Robin {Mom Foodie}

Thursday 8th of May 2014

This looks like a great spot to take a family vacation!

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