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Starline Tours Review {Hollywood Tour}

Starline Tours Review {Hollywood Tour}

Our family of six took a two week road trip from Utah to Southern California and back again. We want to share our journey with you and what we learned. To read about all of the adventures we had on our California Spring Break trip, click here.

As part of our big family vacation to California, I wanted to take my family on a tour of Hollywood. I was able to see a little part of it when I went to LA for the Thor: The Dark World Red Carpet Premiere last year, and so I thought it would be fun to show them where I went and to see the rest of the area. We arrived in Hollywood in the early afternoon, parked in the big parking lot by the LOWES Hollywood Hotel and the Mall – and headed for The Chinese Theater. On the way there I told them about where I stayed, how we walked down the “Oscar Staircase” and even got to see a Red Carpet Event! It was very cool.


We walked around the theater for a while before we got on the bus to begin the rest of our tour of Hollywood with Starline Tours. I love that the bus was a double-decker – and that the top was open. The seats were arranged nicely and we had plenty of room. Because it can be pretty noisy with the traffic – we were each provided with a set of earphones that plugged into a station on the sides (or back) of the bus and you could listen to the tour that way. It was very informative and I loved learning all about the history and landmarks in Hollywood. There were several stops along the way – where you could get off and explore – and then catch the next bus that would come along. The buses stopped about every 20-30 minutes – so it gave you enough time to walk around and enjoy the location before moving on.


Our favorite place that we stopped at was the Farmer’s Market and The Grove. I had honestly never been to a place like that before with so many shops all crammed together in such a large space – and so many people. It was just crazy. It was also fun to walk around and look at it all. After we checked out the Farmer’s Market, we headed down to The Grove. It was beautiful. My kids loved the water show and there was a live band playing. Very cool place – one you will definitely want to check out while in the Hollywood area!


The bus was comfortable and the lower level was warm during the colder weather. The only downfall was that the windows were kind of tinted so it made it hard to take pictures, and because of the two levels, you could see as much. If you want to see everything you will want to be on the top for sure. Overall it was very fun and my whole family enjoyed the tour. We got the FAMILY PASS that allowed us to go on and off any stop on any of the tour lines in the Hollywood/LA/Santa Monica area. I also love that is 24 full hours from the time that you redeem the ticket – and so you don’t have to worry about being there first thing in the morning.


If you are in the area – you need to take a tour with Starline Tours. I am so glad that we did that as part of our trip. Our kids thought it was great. Start to finish you can just ride and it takes about 2-3 hours – so plan on at least that if you are going to take the Hollywood tour. I would include more time so you can get out and enjoy the stops along the way.


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