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MOM DIY Chalkboard

MOM DIY Chalkboard

I am so excited to share this fun DIY Mother’s Day Gift with you! A MOM DIY Chalkboard is perfect to hang in their office, kitchen, entryway, bedroom and more! Mom can use it to write notes (or have her kids leave notes, hang pictures, important papers, etc.

MOM DIY Chalkboard Gift

To make your MOM DIY chalkboard, you are going to cut the word MOM out of a board. After it is cut, you will sand it and paint it, then attach it to a chalkboard. Now add photos and cute notes with the chalk. This is the perfect gift for any mom.

If you want to do grandma, this might be easier with chipboard letters or precut smaller wooden letters like these. This project is also fun and easy to do with DAD or grandpa!

Cutting out the word

I used a piece of wood from an old desk that broke, but you can use whatever kind of wood you want. You will want to draw the letters freehand like I did or print something or use a stencil to make your letters.

draw the letters on the wood freehand or use stencils
Use a scroll saw to cut the letters out

A scroll saw is recommended to cut the letters out. I used my WEN Scroll Saw to cut the letters. It took about 30 minutes – but you may be able to do it faster if you have more experience. Once the word is cut out, take a sander and sand the edges. I like to make mine a little round.

use an electric sander or sandpaper to sand the rough edges
sand the letters so they are smooth

Sanding and Painting

With the MOM cutout sanded, you will now paint it. I used white chalk paint and did two coats. Since chalk paint dries so fast, you should be able to get these done within a couple of hours.

Paint the wood cutout with chalk paint

Finished MOM DIY Chalkboard

When it is completely dry, you will now attach it to the chalkboard. You can make one by buying or cutting out a piece of wood and painting it with chalk paint. Or you can buy one.

I already had one so that is what I am using. I got it at Walmart for a few bucks. You can use hot glue or super glue to attach the wood cutout to the chalkboard.

MOM DIY Chalkboard Gift
MOM DIY Chalkboard Gift
MOM DIY Chalkboard Gift

Don’t forget to pin one of the MOM DIY Chalkboard images above so you can easily reference this project to make one of your own.

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