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Family History Questions Interview {Printable Questionnaire}

Family History Questions Interview {Printable Questionnaire}

Do you want to learn more about your family? We have created a huge list of Family History Questions so you can conduct an interview. They are provided below in a Printable Questionnaire to make it easy for you!

I love learning about my ancestors and so I have decided to be more proactive and write down as much family history as I can from my parents, grandparents, siblings and even myself and my husband. That way my kids will have information that they wouldn’t have had otherwise to help them learn even more.

I have really wanted to learn more about my parents and their youth and about my youth so I felt inspired to make a printable list of questions that will help you learn so much about your family members. This is great for grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents, and even siblings.

This is a list of questions you can ask family members to create a small personal history. I recommend writing the answers in a notebook or even using a voice recorder to collect the data and then type out the answers.

Family History Questions Interview

¨ What is your full name?

¨ Why were you named that (after someone, story)

¨ What are/were your nicknames?

¨ When were you born?

¨ Where were you born?

¨ Any favorite childhood memories?

¨ Have you been baptized?  If so, how old were you?

¨ What religion are you? Your parents, family, etc?

¨ Where did you grow up?

¨ Do you have siblings? If so, what are their full names?

¨ What are some funny stories of you and your siblings?

¨ What were things you did to keep busy (playing, games, etc) as a child?

¨ Did you play sports? Music? What were your hobbies?

¨ What were your hobbies? Are they the same now?

¨ Did/do you like to read? What do you like to read?

¨ What are some things you are really proud of?

¨ What are your parents names? What do you remember about them?

¨ Do you like to sing? What is your favorite kind of music?

¨ Do you have a favorite song/band/time period?

¨ Did you learn to drive? If so, what is your favorite car? Can you drive a stick shift?

¨ Did you go to elementary school? Where was it?

¨ Did you go to middle school or high school? Where at? Did you graduate?

¨ Did you go to college? Where at? Did you graduate? What did you major in?

¨ What memories do you have from school? (grades, friends, teachers, experiences)

¨ Did you go to a prom? With who?

¨ Where was your favorite place to hangout?

¨ What is/was your favorite food?

¨ What is/was your favorite drink? Snack?

¨ Did you serve in the military? If so? Where? What was your rank?

¨ How old were you when you started dating?

¨ Who was your first date with?

¨ Where did you meet your spouse? 

¨ What was your first date like?

¨ When and where did you propose?

¨ When and where was your wedding?

¨ Did you go on a honeymoon? If so, where?

¨ Where did you live when you were married?

¨ How many kids did you have? What were their full names?

¨ Why did you name them those names?

¨ How long have you been/were you married?

¨ What are some memories you have of your kids when they were small? Teens? Grown up?

¨ Any advice on raising kids?

¨ What were your parents full names? What do you remember about them?

¨ Were you close to your in-laws? What are their full names?

¨ Do you remember your grandparents? What are their full names?

¨ Do you/ Did you have any health issues?

¨ Do/Did you like to travel?

¨ What is your favorite place to visit?

¨ Did you have any pets? Which ones? What were their names?

¨ What do/did you do for work?

¨ Any stories you want to share about any of your jobs?

¨ What was your favorite job?

¨ Do you have any memories/stories of me?

¨ Do you have any life lessons you want to share?

¨ Any words of advice about life?

We also made these in a PDF file so it is easy to print out or save to your phone. You can also just save the images below.


Family History Interview {Printable Questionnaire}
Family History Interview {Printable Questionnaire}

I hope this helps you learn more about your family members and write a history of them. I wish I had done this years ago. I am so excited to have family answer these questions so I can start putting a better family history together.

Do you have any other questions we should add?

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