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Easter Roll-A-Story (free printable)

Easter Roll-A-Story (free printable)

We really love Easter. It is a great time of year with spring and all of the beautiful colors. I also love doing fun activities with my kids like this Easter roll-a-story. It gives them a chance to really use their creativity in a holiday-themed way and have fun with it. We added some really funny things to this one so I hope it makes them laugh and enjoy it. (remind them they can bring in other characters like Jack Frost to help with the melting chocolate…etc)

Roll-A-Story is a great way to get your kids excited about creative writing. You can make your own for just about any occasion, but we have several that we have already shared (see the full list at the bottom). Like the Marvel Roll-A-StorySt. Patrick’s Roll-A-Story, and the Valentine’s Roll-A-Story. I know that my kids have all had a great time using these over and over again to write fun different stories for each one.

I am excited to share this Easter Roll-A-Story printable! We have done a lot of printables, so be sure to check out all of our homeschooling resources. If you want to have a book for your kids to create stories, we really love the writing and drawing combo notebooks from Walmart, but you can get them on Amazon and most other stores.

These roll-a-story prompts are great because it really gets their imaginations working and will help them create fun short stories. Integrating different characters, settings, and problems encourages them to think ahead as well.

Get the EASTER ROLL-A-STORY printable here

Easter Roll-A-Story (free printable)

How a roll-a-story works

If you haven’t done this kind of story before, here is a quick overview. Your child will take a die and roll it four different times. The first time they will roll it to choose the 1st character. For example, if they get a four, their 1st character will be the Egg decorator.

Then they roll again, and the next number they get determines their second character. The third roll will determine the setting and the fourth roll determines the problem.

Once they have figured out all the elements, then they will create a short story using them. So if they got Egg decorator, sister, and The Wise Men lose their gifts, they would figure out a way to put them all together to make a story with a good beginning, middle, and end.

The point is to get them to be creative, but also use good handwriting, punctuation, etc. I like writing/drawing books because it allows them to draw pictures to go along with their stories.

Get the EASTER ROLL-A-STORY printable here

I hope your kids enjoy this as much as we have! You can also use this in classrooms, etc as long as it is not altered in any way or sold.

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Easter Roll-A-Story (free printable)

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Kristie D.

Monday 15th of August 2022

I love the Roll-A-Story idea!! I will steal it! Thanks for sharing!

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