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DOG Parents Guide

DOG Parents Guide

I was able to attend an early screening in order to bring you this DOG Parents Guide. All opinions are my own.

First off, I have to say that I was surprised at how much character development there was and how much we ended up falling in love with Briggs and Lulu. This is a fantastic movie about the journey of two Army Rangers (Briggs and Lulu the dog) and their road to healing after being injured both physically and mentally during tours. Having close family members who serve and have served in the military, this really hit close to home for me as I am sure it will for many of you.

Overall the movie is pretty clean. There are a few spots where some suggestive material could have been really bad, or more violent, etc. As for the rating, it is PG-13 for language, thematic elements, drug content, and suggestive material.

DOG Parents Guide

DOG is rated PG-13 for language, thematic elements, drug content, and some suggestive material.

DOG runs for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

There is no DOG end credit scenes.

Sex & Nudity – The use of the words “rainbow vaginas”, girls talking about sexual pleasure, what could have been a threesome but it was interrupted (girls shown in corset style bra with pants still on, the guy is topless), someone saying “been laid in a while”, a couple of mom jokes, the main character is shown in his underwear a couple of times. The main character is also seen in the tub with the dog, but it’s from the chest up, and nothing is shown.

Violence & Gore – Lulu is a trained dog for the military. It shows her pushing down or grabbing the arm of people she feels is a threat. She barks at the main character and growls. A rock is thrown through a window. It shows some pictures of the dog injured.

Profanity – I counted over 50 different swears in the movie. 5-10 uses each of damn, ass, hell, bitch, God (also GD), and Jesus. There is 1 full F word (F’er) and 1 muffled Mother F’er. 15+ uses of shit. Most of the language came when the character was “talking” to the dog or to his Army buddies.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking – Briggs takes prescription drugs for his headaches and other issues that he is recovering from. A marijuana farm is shown. Briggs does drink alcohol throughout.

Frightening & Intense Scenes – The main character suffers from a seizure. It shows the experience.

Overall I would say 10 and older for this one because of the language and the suggestive content. It is a little more language than I like for my kids, but the overall theme and message in this movie are absolutely amazing and it really touched all of us. It’s about second chances and being able to heal and overcome your demons.


DOG is a buddy comedy that follows the misadventures of two former Army Rangers paired against their will on the road trip of a lifetime. Army Ranger Briggs (Channing Tatum) and Lulu (a Belgian Malinois dog) buckle into a 1984 Ford Bronco and race down the Pacific Coast in hopes of making it to a fellow soldier’s funeral on time. Along the way, they’ll drive each other completely crazy, break a small handful of laws, narrowly evade death, and learn to let down their guards in order to have a fighting chance of finding happiness.

Directed by: Reid Carolin & Channing Tatum
Screenplay by: Reid Carolin
Story by: Reid Carolin & Brett Rodriguez
Produced by: Gregory Jacobs, Peter Kiernan, Brett Rodriguez
Executive Producers: Betsy Danbury, Ken Meyer
Original Music by: Thomas Newman

Cast: Channing Tatum, Jane Adams, Kevin Nash, Q’orianka Kilcher, Ethan Suplee, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Nicole LaLiberté, Luke Forbes, Ronnie Gene Blevins

Genre: Comedy

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DOG Trailer

I hope this DOG Parents Guide helps you. The movie comes out in theaters on February 18, 2022.

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DOG Parents Guide

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