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Disney on Ice Rockin’ Ever After was spectacular!

Disney on Ice Rockin’ Ever After was spectacular!

Disney on Ice is one of our families most favorite things to go to together. I enjoy the Disney stories as much as my kids and we all enjoy the costumes, lighting, effects, and especially the skating. This show is the best as far as skating and entertainment (in my opinion). From Ariel flying through the air to The Beasts’ amazing transformation – this show was just packed. Even Mickey and Minnie Mouse were all dressed up in “snazzy” clothes.

Disney on Ice Rockin’ Ever After was spectacular!

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Disney on Ice Rockin’ Even After featured four of my girls’ favorites! Rapunzel from Tangled, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Merida from Brave, and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Each section of the show was really amazing with great coreography, lights and special effects, and the sets. The skaters did so many new things this time and it was really entertaining.

Here is a small preview of just how amazing the show was! This is part of the “Under the Sea” song during The Little Mermaid show.

The show started with The Little Mermaid. The sisters, Sebastion, and Flounder were all center stage with Prince Eric and Ariel. Even Ursula and her tyrants came out. We have seen The Little Mermaid in other Disney on Ice shows, but I loved this one a lot. The skating was great and the way they told the story was a lot of fun. I loved how they did the transformation from mermaid to human. That was absolutly amazing!

Next up was Tangled and a great rendition of Rapunzel and Flynn (Eugene). The skating was of course great, and they had a lot of fun with it. Maximus made an appearance as well. I really loved that they did the lanterns at the end of this story. It was beautiful.

After a short intermission it started back up with Brave. Mickey Mouse was telling us part of this story. This part was actually a lot shorter than the others I felt like, but the story line was good and Merida skated great. Her mother and her three little brothers, as well as each tribe all made an appearance. They kinda skipped over the bear part which I would have like to see more of, but overall this part was really great.

Last up was Beauty and the Beast. I have a confession – this is my all time favorite Disney animation. It is a show I grew up with and one I have always been fond of. This was the first time I had seen Beauty and the Beast as part of the Disney on Ice show that I can remember, and I thought they did a fantastic job. The Beast’ costume was awesome, but they also had Lumier, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Chip, and several other amazing csostumes. Check out this video to get an idea about how great the show was:

We had such a great time! The Disney on Ice show was amazing something you need to take your family to see. Your kids will love it! Great for all ages. Our two year old sat through the whole thing (and we didn’t even have to bribe her with treats!

I really loved how all of the characters made it a point to wave and acknowledge the audience every chance they got. Even my kids who were several rows back were waving back and enjoying the connection.

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Disney on Ice Rockin’ Ever After was spectacular!

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