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The best stainless steel water bottles

The best stainless steel water bottles

We received stainless steel water bottles from ZAK Designs. All opinions are my own.

School just started for us, and it was a crazy few weeks leading up to it getting everything ready for the new school year. My oldest is in 9th grade this year and my youngest is already in 2nd grade. With four kids in school, we always have a big back to school shopping list that we have to worry about.

stainless steel water bottles for back to school

We did some shopping on Amazon for most of these things. Some of them we got at Walmart. I was pretty picky about the water bottles we got this year because I wanted to get nice ones that would last and keep the water cold all day. That is when we found the ZAK Design Stainless Steel water bottles.

I was a little nervous at first because I have tried stainless steel water bottles before and didn’t like them because of the metallic taste or inconvenience of having to worry about a lid to lose. The ZAK! Stainless Steel Water Bottles didn’t have any of those issues and I have been thrilled with how well the bottles have worked so far.

stainless steel water bottles for working around the yard and house

Stainless steel water bottles

I have been using my Riverside Steel Water Bottle (19 oz.) for several weeks now. There is no metallic taste to the water, and I haven’t had any issues with mold in the spout. When using the bottle indoors, it not only keeps my water cold for several (like 5-6+) hours but the ice doesn’t melt very quickly, often lasting several hours as well.

When using it outdoors in the heat, it still keeps my drink cold for a couple of hours if not more. I have noticed the same results with my daughter’s bottles. They each got a Kiona stainless steel water bottle (29 oz.). Both series are great. Mine has a straw and spout that pops up with a push of a button, and theirs has a lid that pops open and you can just drink from the bottle.

ZAK Designs water bottles for back to school

Stainless steel water bottles are great for kids

Of course, my two youngest also wanted to try the stainless steel bottles so we got my son the Black Panther Stainless Steel Bottle (15 oz.) He loves it and uses it not only at school but at home. I have noticed all of my kids drinking a lot more water since we got our water bottles and I am happy with that too!

My youngest is obsessed with cats, so she had to have the Soft Lines Kitties lunch set. It comes with a reusable lunch bag, bento box, and a stainless steel water bottle. She loves taking the set with her to school every day and being able to use the water bottle.

stainless steel water bottles for kids sports

All of my kids also play sports and so it has been really nice for them to have water bottles to take to practices and games. ZAK! stainless steel water bottles are a great price and they are very high quality. I highly recommend them not just for your kids, but for you too!

If stainless steel is not your thing, I also got a Kiona Tropic Tritan water bottle (25 oz.) that is plastic. It is BPA free and has a handle as well as a locking lid. I have also enjoyed using this bottle although it doesn’t keep my drink cold as long. But that is expected. I use this when I know I am going to be drinking my water quickly (like workouts or at church).

If you are looking for the best stainless steel water bottles, then I highly recommend ZAK Designs stainless steel bottles. They are affordable and durable as well as BPA free so you can have great water on hand whenever you need it.

stainless steel water bottles for kids

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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