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Avatar: The Way of Water Parents Guide

Avatar: The Way of Water Parents Guide

I was able to screen Avatar: The Way of Water in order to write this Avatar: The Way of Water Parents Guide. All opinions are my own.

It has been 13 years since Avatar came out. A movie that changed a lot of things, and showed up a whole new world – Pandora – that we didn’t know we couldn’t live without. We were pulled into this amazing story with Jake and Ney’tiri and saw as they were able to conquer the demons that were threatening them.

Fast forward to the present day, and we see that they have kids and trouble has come knocking once again. As a mother, I can relate to these two on many levels. The lengths you will go to to keep your family safe. I don’t want to give anything away about the movie. It is absolutely amazing. Because it has been so long since we have seen the Na’vi, there is some backstory in this that helps you understand. I didn’t find this part slow or boring, but it’s not fast-paced action. Pay attention, there is a lot that happens here that is essential to later parts of the movie.

Avatar: The Way of Water is very emotional. So many different aspects of it will have you crying or at least sympathizing and emotional about what is happening. For this reason, I would say 13+ on the age. You can see the parents guide below about other things like the partial nudity, language, etc.

The special effects are phenomenal. I was able to watch it in 3-D in the IMAX and I have to tell you that from the moment the film started I felt like I was standing in Pandora myself. They bring everything about this movie to life. Every detail. You will see and experience things through the movie that will have you wishing it was real.

The storyline is fantastic. It grips you in the first few seconds of the movie and pulls you in, and grips you tight. It doesn’t let go. Don’t expect to walk of the theaters and be able to “walk away” from this movie. It will stay with you. I am excited Avatar 3 is slated for 2024. There is also talks of Avatar 4 in 2026 and a possible Avatar 5. I am happy. I would love to see these stories continued.

I have heard from those that loved the first one and didn’t really like it. Both have said they liked this movie. So, go see it. It is a fantastic film and at the top of my favorite movies this year!

Avatar: The Way of Water opens in theaters on December 16, 2022

Avatar: The Way of Water Parents Guide

Avatar: The Way of Water is rated PG-13 for sequences of strong violence and intense action, partial nudity, and some strong language. It runs for 3hr and 12m.

There are no end-credit scenes for Avatar: The Way of Water.

Sex & Nudity –  It shows the breasts of the Na’vi (including nips) during maybe the first 5 minutes, then shows them covered (mostly) throughout the rest of the film. All of the Na’vi men and women are scantily dressed. And one of the humans.

Violence & Gore – There is a lot. Human, Na’vi, animal, ocean life, – so many life forms injured or killed. Some of them graphic. Some of them really intense. There are a couple scenes that aren’t for the faint of heart lol – so just be prepared.

Profanity – Several uses of shit, hell, bitch, damn, ass, GD, and 1 F word. Kids teasing other kids with words like freak, alien, etc

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking – None

Frightening & Intense Scenes – Several scenes were in this cattery. A very intense chase scene, the fighting scenes, and a few others.

Avatar: The Way of Water is overall a fantastic movie. It is rated PG-13 and I think that is appropriate. I would caution against younger viewers. If you aren’t sure – go see it first. It won’t be a hard thing to sit through it twice if you decide your kids can see it.

Avatar: The Way of Water opens in theaters on December 16, 2022

About Avatar: The Way of Water:

With “Avatar: The Way of Water,”  the cinematic experience reaches new heights as Cameron transports audiences back to the magnificent world of Pandora in a spectacular and stirring action-packed adventure. Set more than a decade after the events of the first film, “Avatar: The Way of Water” begins to tell the story of the Sully family (Jake, Neytiri, and their kids), the trouble that follows them, the lengths they go to keep each other safe, the battles they fight to stay alive,  and the tragedies they endure.

Directed: James Cameron

Produced: James Cameron and Jon Landau

Cast: Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Cliff Curtis, Joel David Moore, CCH Pounder, Edie Falco, Jemaine Clement, and Kate Winslet.

Screenplay: James Cameron & Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver

Story by James Cameron & Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver & Josh Friedman & Shane Salerno

Executive Producers: David Valdes and Richard Baneham

Avatar: The Way of Water Trailer

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Avatar: The Way of Water opens in theaters on December 16, 2022

I hope this Avatar: The Way of Water Parents Guide helped you! Let us know what you thought of the movie.

If you haven’t seen Avatar (the first one) in a while or before – be sure to watch it. Watch it now, and watch it again before this one comes out – and maybe a couple of times in between lol. It is such a great movie. Get it on DVD, Blu-ray, or Digital now.

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