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A Week Away Interviews with Bailee, Kevin, Kat, & Jahbril

A Week Away Interviews with Bailee, Kevin, Kat, & Jahbril

Recently I had the opportunity to do A Week Away interviews and sit down with Bailee Madison and Kevin Quinn as well as Jahbril Cook and Kat Conner Sterling. Bailee plays Avery and Kevin plays Will, the two main characters in the movie. Jahbril (who plays George) is Will’s best friend and Kat (who plays Presley) is Avery’s best friend. The movie is now playing on Netflix and is a fantastic family movie! I highly recommend it for you to watch with your kids (all ages)! You will want the soundtrack too. If you have Amazon Music – you can stream it for free!


Interview with Bailee Madison and Kevin Quinn

Bailee and Kevin were so much fun to listen to. They are both so talented and I really enjoyed listening to their stories and experiences from the movie. My kids love watching Kevin in Bunk’d as Xander. When they found out he was in the movie A Week Away they were so excited. Bailee you probably recognize from her roles as young Snow White in Once Upon a Time as well as Grace in Good Witch. They were able to bring so much to the movie with experience and talent. It is truly a joy to watch them in A Week Away. This is also the first time Bailee has ever done singing in a show. Her and Kevin are very talented in music and the songs are fantastic.

Interview with Kat Conner Sterling and Jahbril Cook

While I am not as familiar with Kat and Jahbril, they still did an amazing job and I am looking forward to seeing them more. Their interview was a lot of fun and I was able to learn so much more about the movie, and some funny stories that I didn’t know about before. Be sure to watch the interview above.

A Week Away Interviews with Bailee, Kevin, Kat, & Jahbril


Will Hawkins (Kevin Quinn) is in trouble. Again. It’s what he does best. A foster kid since he was ten, he’s
been in and out of more homes and schools than his caseworker can count. After his final run-in with the law,
he has a choice to make – go to juvie or a Christian summer camp. Both sounding equally awful he chooses
the one where he can at least bring his guitar, one of the last items given to him by his deceased father. A
stark fish-out-of-water compared to the other camp residents, he lies about his background to try and fit in,
especially with his newfound crush on camp regular Avery (Bailee Madison). But can he keep this up? Does
he want to? Will he ever be able to replace the family he lost? With catchy musical numbers and songs by
prominent Christian Contemporary Artists and the creative team from High School Musical and Camp Rock,
A Week Away comes to life as the first faith-based film of its kind. A Week Away also stars Jahbril Cook, Kat
Conner Sterling, Iain Tucker with David Koechner, and Sherri Shepherd.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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