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52 Date Ideas {fun, inexpensive, and creative}

52 Date Ideas {fun, inexpensive, and creative}

52 Date Ideas (fun, inexpensive, and creative)

Whether you are just start out or have been married for 50 years – it is fun to go on a date with your spouse. It is even more fun when you can do it (maybe without the kids) and without spending a whole lot of money. We have four kids – and since I am also a SAHM, this makes our budget a little tighter than others, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. This has not only caused us to be be way careful with what we spend, but to come up with Date Ideas that are inexpensive but still fun.

It is really important for you and your spouse to take the time to have “date nights” or spend other time together with just the two of you. It helps you get to know each other better, you get to talk about your day, and it gives you time to reconnect. Keep your relationship strong, even with just the little things (like saying “I Love You” and giving good morning and good night kisses).

We wanted to share with you things we like to do together. I hope these inspire you to have a date night every week and to come up with ideas of your own that fit your personalities and lifestyle.  #HappyDating 🙂

52 Date Ideas (fun, inexpensive, and creative)

52 Date Ideas (fun, inexpensive, and creative)

  1. Go on a picnic, blanket and all at a local park. (sounds old fashioned, but can be really fun and even romantic)
  2. Have a “living room” picnic (great for bad weather, and even better for privacy)

    52 Date Ideas (fun, inexpensive, and creative) {Make Homemade Pizza}

    Make homemade pizza together

  3. Make homemade pizza together
  4. Go to the Dollar Movies or a Matinee
  5. Go to the Drive-inn
  6. Have a game night
  7. Go to a local band performance for a night out of dancing and music
  8. Go for a walk or a bike ride
  9. Go fishing
  10. Grab a Groupon and go out to dinner
  11. Ice skating
  12. Go to your local gun range and have a “friendly” competition
  13. Drive up the mountains (or even go out your backdoor) and have a dutch oven dinner
  14. Have a BBQ

    52 Date Ideas (fun, inexpensive, and creative) {Go on a hike}

    Go hiking for a date with your spouse

  15. Go hiking (plan ahead of time and have a basket ready with food and drinks waiting when you get there. Or surprise them with something you packed in)
  16. Visit a local historical site
  17. Go swimming or to a hot springs
  18. Go to a thrift store or flea market
  19. Stay at home Spa Night
  20. Go bowling
  21. Do a DIY project together
  22. Write down questions about each other that you want to know and then take turns asking them to each other. (Tip: Don’t write yes or no questions)
  23. Go rock climbing
  24. Go sledding, skiing, or tubing
  25. Go to a book store or thrift store and learn about what each likes
  26. Visit a local art show/gallery

  27. Learn something together (photography, martial arts, dancing, take a class)
  28. Go to the library and rent movies to go with your homemade dinner
  29. Hit a sporting event (college up to professional, you can get tickets for cheap)
  30. Go stargazing (don’t forget the blankets)
  31. Camp-out in your backyard
  32. Take turns teaching each other your hobby or talent
  33. Go site seeing (checkout places close by that you never visited or haven’t been to for a long time)
  34. Go for a walk on the beach
  35. Take turns painting or drawing each other
  36. Go to a film festival
  37. Play your favorite sports
  38. Head to the gym together

    52 Date Ideas (fun, inexpensive, and creative) {Do a puzzle together}

    Do a puzzle together

  39. Do a puzzle together (order a puzzle that has a picture of you and your spouse. They are inexpensive, fun, and a unique gift).
  40. Go snorkeling
  41. Go sailing or boating
  42. Snuggle up somewhere and watch the sunset together and then “hang around” while the night stars come out
  43. Watch the sunrise and eat breakfast together
  44. Go out just for dessert
  45. Go to a jazz club, open mic night, comedy club, or karaoke bar
  46. Have a water fight (or snowball fight)
  47. Dress up in your best clothes and go out for the night. Take a camera with you and have others take pictures of you together, documenting everywhere you go.
  48. Be silly (plan something fun and off-the-wall like a triathlon of things you like to do together. Wii Games, Pizza, and Pool. or you could have pie eating contest, 1 on 1 basketball game, and swimming). Make it fun and different and just relax and have fun
  49. Have a fun night by the fireplace talking and cuddling, sharing sparking cider and chocolate covered strawberries
  50. Make a bucket list and then try and do one thing a month or year

    52 Date Ideas (fun, inexpensive, and creative) {Dance in the rain}

    Dance (and kiss) in the rain

  51. Dance (and kiss) in the rain
  52. Visit a local berry farm or orchard and pick fruit

There are so many more things we could put here but you are starting to get the picture I hope! The important thing

52 Date Ideas {fun, inexpensive, and creative}

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Thursday 13th of February 2014

These are such great ideas! My favorite "Date" that my hubby and I used to go on was driving around a part of our city that had really old houses and seeing them decorated with Christmas lights! Or just a drive out to the country and he would pick me wild flowers.


Thursday 13th of February 2014

lol heading to the gym is not a date I'd want to do. Although it is nice to have someone there with you.

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