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How To Boost Your Chances Of A Fairytale Wedding: Tips For Planning The Event

How To Boost Your Chances Of A Fairytale Wedding: Tips For Planning The Event

Weddings can be a day that can cause so much stress leading up to the event. Planning a fairytale wedding is not for the faint of heart as being detail-oriented is a huge advantage during this process. Creating a list of tasks to handle is going to be important. Even using a project management platform can help keep you on track with all of the vendors. Backup plans for each vendor might be recommended if you have a bad feeling about a certain vendor. Small cities might have limited options for specific vendors, so doing online research on the vendors is essential.

The pandemic shed light on how dates can be changed, with certain businesses offering refunds while others will not. Weddings and gatherings were deemed illegal in certain states due to social distancing requirements. You want to plan without worrying about a once-a-century pandemic. Do not leave any aspects of the wedding up to chance as this can be a recipe for disaster. Below are tips to help plan a fairytale wedding that all guests will remember for years to come.

How To Boost Your Chances Of A Fairytale Wedding : Tips For Planning
The Event

Find A Quality Wedding DJ

The wedding DJ that you hire can bring the energy to the event that you desire. A band is an option, but the band can be limited in the type of music they can play. A DJ can take requests which can be one of the best parts of the wedding. You want a DJ that has done a number of weddings in the past. There are going to be songs that you request as the couple that is getting married. Searching “wedding DJ Phoenix” or your local area can provide you with the results you need.

Be Realistic About Reception Seating Arrangements

College party friends likely should not be sitting with the grandparents of the couple getting married. There should be seating arrangements that are realistic about who will get along. Certain individuals might encourage bad behavior out of one another, which needs to be thwarted. Putting people together that are familiar with one another is important. You don’t want a quiet reception while people are eating due to putting complete strangers next to each other at every table.

Don’t Get Pressured Into Inviting Unwanted Guests

The couple’s parents might think they have a say in who will be attending the wedding. While this works in situations where the parents are helping with the costs, it doesn’t matter when the couple pays out of pocket for the event. If you have not seen a person more than a few times in your life, you won’t miss them at the wedding. Weddings are priced at a per-guest rate which means an additional dozen people can cost additional thousands of dollars. There will be some individuals that will be upset about not receiving an invite, while others will not. Most understand that weddings are expensive and some weddings are much more private than others. Setting ground rules for specific attendees is also recommended. You do not want any events occurring at your wedding that take the attention away from the union of you and your spouse.

A Catering Company That Supplies Bartenders

The food at the wedding can be a main attraction for certain guests. Sending out invitations with food options can be a great way to figure out catering options. Food and meal testing for the wedding can be such a great experience with the right catering company. Bartenders for the wedding that are supplied by the catering company can be very high quality. Hiring friends can be a slippery slope as they might overserve certain guests they personally know at the wedding. A drunk wedding guest can be a nightmare for the couple getting married, so keeping things under control is imperative.

Don’t Start Your Life Together In Huge Amounts Of Debt

A massive wedding without the budget for it can cause stress. You do not want to start your life together worrying about how you are going to pay your credit card balances down. Plan for a wedding that you can afford rather than sitting in debt for years after the event. A fairytale wedding is one thing but putting yourself in financial peril for one day is another.

A fairytale wedding will require a bit of compromise and understanding. Not everything will be perfect as even specific things go wrong in most fairytales. Plan with the goal of having a wedding that aligns with your and your soon-to-be spouse’s vision.

How To Boost Your Chances Of A
 Fairytale Wedding : Tips For Planning
The Event

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