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Get your tickets for The Forgotten Carols

Get your tickets for The Forgotten Carols

We are partnering with The Forgotten Carols this Christmas season. All opinions are my own.

I love doing new things with my kids. We are always looking for new places to go, things to do and especially new traditions. This year I am so excited to be going to The Forgotten Carols with my family for the first time. I know that this will become a new tradition for us. We all love music (3 of my 4 kids play the violin or cello) and so that will make it all the more fun!

‘THE FORGOTTEN CAROLS’ Playing in 11 Cities this Holiday Season -The 28th Year Brings a New ‘Reimagined’ Version of the Holiday Tradition to the Stage

The Forgotten Carols, a Holiday season tradition marking its 28th year of consecutive performances, is coming to your home town! This year signals the introduction of a new, “reimagined” version of the musical with 19 performances covering 11 cities in Utah, Idaho, and Arizona. For a list of locations and to buy tickets, visit

Michael McLean, a well-known performer, composer, songwriter, author, and director initially developed The Forgotten Carols as solely a theme-driven album of new Christmas music. But he soon realized he needed a story to connect all the songs together.

McLean wrote the interweaving story of a nurse named Connie Lou who cares for John, an elderly patient who shares the songs about those people he claims to have lived with 2,000 years ago. For his initial performances, McLean played all the parts to give people a sense of how families could present the narration at home hoping it would become a family tradition.

Over the years, McLean’s modest one-man show has evolved into a full-scale theatrical production performed for more than a million people throughout the United States and abroad, including shows in Ireland, Germany, England, and the Ukraine. And now, after 28 years, McLean is surprising his audiences with significant changes to his classic story!

“People who have been coming for years will be thrilled, I believe, with the changes we’ve made this year,” remarked McLean. “For a few years now, my son and I have been thinking about updating the story, and this year we decided to dive in and do it. Fans will hear the same songs, see the same characters, but experience the story in a completely new way!”

The Forgotten Carols

McLean is currently working on adapting the stage version of The Forgotten Carols as a feature film, and it was this process that inspired the story changes. “After we wrote the screenplay for the film, there were so many elements we fell in love with that just had to be in the stage version,” said McLean. “And the changes we’ve made just feel right. They make the characters deeper, the story more spiritual, and the experience that much richer.”

 So, if you’ve been coming for years – come again! And if you’re a new fan – you won’t want to miss your chance to see what we are calling The Forgotten Carols – Reimagined!” quipped McLean.

The Forgotten Carols 2019 concert schedule includes performances in Arizona, Idaho, and Utah. Performance tickets are on sale now. For a complete listing of concert dates and locations or to purchase tickets visit the website at


This season, we invite you to join us for this beautifully re-imagined telling of Michael McLean’s holiday tradition THE FORGOTTEN CAROLS. Touring since 1991, this timeless Christmas tradition brings to life the story of Constance Louise Chamberlain, a nurse who hasn’t laughed or cried in over 30 years.  But that all changes when she meets, and cares for, a homeless man with dementia (Uncle John, as he likes to be called) who insists he’s been alive for over two thousand years. 

Uncle John recounts the story of Christ’s birth through these Forgotten Carols sung from the perspective of his “friends” the Inn Keeper, a Shepherd, Handel and others, taking Connie Lou on a life-altering journey.  As Uncle John struggles to remember all the reasons why he feels compelled to share these unknown carols with his nurse, she discovers what her heart has forgotten about the true power and meaning of Christmas!

The Forgotten Carols

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We are excited to partner with the Forgotten Carols to giveaway a family 4-pack of tickets to see a The Forgotten Carols show. If you are on mobile, click on ENTER GIVEAWAY below.

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The Forgotten Carols

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