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30 fun summer activities for kids

30 fun summer activities for kids

Summer days can be long when you have four kids who want to constantly be entertained…so I go to great pains to make sure they have a lot of fun things to keep them busy in the no school months.  Some of them are educational and some are just for fun because I  think it is good to have a mix.  So I want to share a list of 30 fun summer activities for kids to give you some ideas, and I would love you to share ideas and things you do with your kids. While I was looking for some new fun things to add to our list this year,  I came across these RoseArt sidewalk paints. I wanted to try them out so I let my kids each pick one and we headed outside.


The RoseArt containers were a good size and it made it easy to fill them with water.  Once they were mixed I gave them over to my kids and they didn’t waste any time testing them out. Of the three different types of paints,  they loved the roller brush the most. They are available in the paint buckets with brushes, paint shake N roll painters, and jumbo markers.


They had a lot of fun with these and it kept them entertained for about 45 minutes,  and the leftover paint was used the next day (it is good for up to 72 hours). This is just one of the fun summer activities for kids. There are a few rules I like to follow – keep it simple, make it fun, and let them help choose. I would love your input on what summer activities for kids that you do to keep your kids busy and happy,

30 fun summer activities for kids

Here are 30 fun summer activities for kids:

1. plan a hike

2. stargazing in the backyard

3. picnic in the park

Egg Carton Seed Starters

Egg Carton Seed Starters

4. plant seeds and watch them grow

5. learn a new hobby (like crocheting, knitting, sewing, etc)

6. go camping


7. go fishing

8. go on a nature walk

9. make cookies and take them to the neighbors

10. go on a bike ride

11. volunteer at a local farm or animal sanctuary

12. paint on rocks or canvas outside

Dry Ice Bubbles - Educational Activities for Kids

Dry Ice Bubbles – Educational Activities for Kids

13. create science experiments

14. have a family movie night outside in the tent

15. build a volcano in the backyard

16. visit the beach, a lake, or a stream and make a photo journal of what you find

17. pick berries or fruits from trees

18. make a birdhouse or other craft out of popsicle sticks

19. paint your own t-shirts, shoes or bags

Upcycled DIY Hanging Flower Pot

20. make upcycled flower pots and plant flowers

21. get out and play a game of ball (baseball, basketball, kick ball, etc)

22. have a home band (create your own instruments and rock out)

23. dress up and play make-believe

24. visit museums and gardens

25. use tape to create streets and play cars or trains

26. do origami

27. bake your favorite food or dessert together then have a game night

28. make clay sculptures then paint them


29. get chalk paint and create a masterpiece – use your sidewalk, an old sheet, rocks, paper, etc outside

30. capture a caterpillar in a jar with a stick, leaves and grass and watch it transform into a butterfly


There are so many other fun games and activities, this is just to get you started!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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